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211 – 207 Fort St, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3C 1E2

Satisfied Customers

Derek Isaac
Owner, Summit View Builders

Paul from Papamia, developed my website. The professional design and hosting services provided is what set them apart. Highly recommended for any marketing needs you might have.

Mubarak N.
President, Win Social Media

As someone who always looking for a good customer service from service provider, I would say it is not easy to meet or work with a team that puts us customers first than anything else. Paul Kabayiza (Founder of PAPAMIA) and His team has mastered customer service. and when it comes to events knowledge I haven't found someone knowledgeable like Paul. I highly recommend him and his team.

Jessika S.
Founder, Bonjour Bebe

Paul Kabayiza (Founder of PAPAMIA) is a detail-oriented person who focuses on providing a high standard of professionalism and customer service. He is sensitive to others and willingly give his time and energy to responding to questions thoroughly. Paul is extremely enthusiastic about his work and he is always looking for ways to grow his skills and expertise. I certainly would recommend working with Paul and his team.

Natasha N.
Founder, Remnant Rhetoric Agency

As a fairly new entrepreneur, PAPAMIA was very resourceful for me. I found  Paul, the owner to be quite accessible, understanding and professional. I had a great experience with PAPAMIA and I highly recommend their services.

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